Welcome to the Jindal Forum for International and Economic Laws (JFIEL)!

Since this is the inauguration of the blog, it seems appropriate to point out its objective and what it hopes it achieve. We at JFIEL hope to create a platform that identifies contemporary issues in the wide sphere that is international law and seek to promote a rigorous discussion on these issues to incite new thought. We wish to create a blog that strikes a balance with the academic integrity and quality of a law review while also creating an accessible and relatively informal avenue to get timely updates. 

The blog is intended to broadly cover international law, and we hope to receive contribution in the following fields: WTO Law, International Investment Law, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, and International Commercial Arbitration. By no means is this list exhaustive and contributions that explore new perspectives in the larger field of international law are welcome and encouraged to consider JFIEL as an outlet for their work.

We at JFIEL hope to one day have a rich reservoir of articles, each contributing in one way or another in expanding knowledge in the large realm that is international law. Which can act as an informative and though provoking website that aids as many people as possible, even those not purely engaged in the academic rigour of this subject. 

We hope you benefit from reading this blog as we certainly have enjoyed creating it. 

– Pushkar Reddy and Mahima Balaji

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