November 2021: Issue 2

International Relations

G20 Leaders Adopt Declaration on Global Challenges

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop26) began in Glasgow, and world leaders discussed climate change and international tax policy. The G20 Rome Leaders’ Declaration was adopted by the G20 leaders on October 31. The declaration addressed today’s most serious global concerns, such as public health and the economic crisis, under a variety of headings, including healthcare, energy, and climate, as well as assistance to disadvantaged countries. Heads of the world’s 20 largest economies have backed a plan for a global minimum corporate tax of 15%, which is intended to protect tax collections and provide stability to corporations that operate beyond borders. To read more click here and here.

Human Rights 

New Personal Data Privacy Law in China 

As the number of reports of online fraud and exploitation of personal information grows, China’s new legislation aimed at protecting internet users’ data privacy come into effect. According to experts, the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) imposes some of the most strict rules and safeguards in the world, and it may push other Asian countries to follow suit. According to UNCTAD, this is due to a lack of data security and privacy regulations in the region. To read more click here and here.

China to hold supporters of Taiwanese independence criminally liable 

Those who support Taiwanese independence will be held criminally liable for the rest of their lives in China. China has spelt out the punishment for the first time that awaits those who support Taiwan’s sovereignty. The guidelines will be used in conjunction with the worldwide blacklist to prohibit and prosecute individuals or entities on the list for the rest of their lives. Individuals will be prevented from entering Hong Kong and Macao, as well as conducting business with companies or individuals in China. Taiwanese officials issued a statement saying that they will not follow the new restrictions since Taiwan is a democratic nation with the rule of law and is not governed by Beijing. To read more click here and here.

UNHRC condemns Sudan and appoints expert to monitor the situation

The United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution on Sudan,  denouncing the military takeover and appointing an expert to investigate suspected human rights breaches in its aftermath. According to the resolution reached during an emergency session in Geneva, an expert will be selected to monitor the situation on the ground and prepare a written report by the middle of 2022, in time for the council’s 50th session. Several nations, including China and Russia, deviated from the agreement but abstained from voting. To read more click here and here.

UN experts call for protection of trafficked workers in KSA and Viet Nam

After uncovering the exploitation and abuse of women and girls recruited in Vietnam to work as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, UN human rights experts urged Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam to crack down on human trafficking. They urged countries to implement effective measures and regulations to prevent and combat human trafficking, as well as to safeguard trafficked workers. They demanded that both governments examine human rights violations and the alleged involvement of public officials in people trafficking and that violators be prosecuted. To read more click here and here

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